Startup Academy is a community-powered project that aims to help educate the Singapore startup ecosystem about the basics of front end, web and mobile application programming so that business founders are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the world of tech startups.

It is offering three introductory courses: iOS development, Ruby on Rails, and HTML/CSS. Each courses will last 4 to 8 weeks, and are priced between S$300 (US$240) to S$500 (US$400). These courses use Action.IO‘s development environment so students won’t need to install additional software.

startup academy

Some of the folks that are also involved in Startup Academy include Subhransu Behara from SAP, Joyce Huang from Microsoft, Jaryl Sim from Tinkerbox Studios, and Adrian Chua from DevZero Consultancy.

We are increasingly seeing more and more development classes being offered and powered by the community in Singapore, which is a great thing. On top of Startup Academy, Learnemy has also been offering their platform for developers who are keen to teach others. There are also a few other development classes being conducted from time to time at local hacker community space Hackerspace.SG.