[Updated] Jon Yongfook’s book Growth Hacking Handbook successfully received funding today! If you want to pre-order it, you have only two days left!

A common problem faced by many startups today is how to grow and scale quickly and effectively, particularly in the increasingly saturated space of web or mobile technology. While stories are abound of startups that grew rapidly — Twitter and YouTube come to mind, among others — it takes quite a bit of effort to translate such experiences into actionable plans for startups to follow up on.

Ex-director of Cookpad Jon Yongfook felt the same way. Currently running a SaaS company and a mentor at Singapore Management University, Yongfook has seen his fair share of startups with brilliant ideas and well-engineered apps fall flat because of bad marketing. “I often see early stage startups struggling with the same things,” he noted, adding, “Maybe they have one or two ideas of how to market themselves, but that’s it. It frustrates me because there’s so many ways to grow but I find time and time again that early stage startups just don’t know where to start.”

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How, though, do founders whose only idea of virality comes from immunology and healthcare start hacking the growth of their companies? Yongfook believes that what they lack are ideas. “Startup marketing is not some crazy dark art,” he pointed out. “It’s not voodoo. It’s not about luck. It’s about trying lots of different things and seeing what works for you. That’s it.”

Yongfook’s new book, the Growth Hacking Handbook, will be on 100 different things a startup can do to accelerate its growth. He elaborated, “It is just a list of 100 tactics that other companies have used to grow their user base or revenue, with an explanation of the tactic and suggestions for how you might implement the tactic in your startup.”

Right now, Yongfook is gauging the demand for his book before releasing it; hence, his choice of crowdfunding it. “It lets me validate the demand for the book as well as take pre-orders,” he said. “It’s so much better than the alternative scenario, which would be me taking months out of my schedule to write a book that I’m not even sure anyone wants,” Yongfook further added.

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Currently, the Growth Hacking Handbook is being crowdfunded on Publishizer, and will be released as an ebook in April once it reaches its funding goal of US$10,000 by February 16, 2014.

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