AdIQuity is a global mobile ads platform which helps mobile publishers and app developers to earn high revenue from their mobile inventory.

Founded: January 2006

About AdIQuity

AdIQuity is a global mobile ad network enabling app developers and mobile publishers earn high revenue from their mobile inventory.

AdIQuity also facilitates ad agencies, ad networks, DSPs and other media buyers to acquire global quality mobile traffic and to leverage the opportunities presented in the rapidly growing Mobile Ads space.

AdIQuity is a state of the art Mobile Ads optimization platform that generates high monetary returns for publishers through real time optimization applied on global ad inventory sourced from leading ad network partners.

AdIQuity offerings are:

Mobile Ads Optimization: Better monetization of mobile sites/apps through optimized global ad inventory drawn from top ad networks around the world.
Premium Mobile Publisher Offering: Allows premium mobile sites to serve Premium Direct Sales Ads, Cross-sell/Up-sell Ads, and AdIQuity Ads through AdIQuity’s full functionality Mobile Ad Server.

RTB Exchange: AdIQuity is Asia’s first Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange which allows Mobile Publishers and Media buyers to engage in a real time bidding model.

SaaS based Mobile Ad Server: Allows Large Publishers/Agencies/Ad Networks to access easy to use full functionality mobile ad server, and create their own Mobile Ads offering with absolute ease. As a SaaS based solution, AdIQuity does not require expensive hardware/software investment.



Round: Acquisition
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Mar 2015