At Antler ( invest in the most passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, help them find the right co-founder and connect them to a worldwide network of fitting business and academic domain experts.

Founded: September 2017

About Antler

We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better. Many talented people want to start their own company, but too few pursue their dreams. Sometimes it’s a lack of a partner in crime, many times it’s a lack of funding and network. With Antler, we want to fix that.

Antler selects the most passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, helps them find the right co-founder and connects them to a network of fitting business and academic domain experts worldwide. We provide funding from day one to support founders building businesses they will own and run, and that can positively impact local, national and global economies.

Antler’s founding team and network of mentors have all been in startup shoes and have succeeded many times over. We’re now dedicated to supporting some of the world’s best talent in becoming great founders of great companies.

Ready to stop saying “someday” and start your next chapter as a founder? Applications are now open for our program starting in July 2018 in Singapore. Apply on


Marita Reiersen Andersen
Marita Reiersen Andersen Mar, 2018 - Present
Magnus Grimeland
Magnus Grimeland CEO Sep, 2017 - Present
Vegard Medbø
Vegard Medbø Co-founder and CCO Feb, 2018 - Present
Lisa Enckell
Lisa Enckell Partner Feb, 2018 - Present
Fridtjof Berge
Fridtjof Berge COO Oct, 2017 - Present



Round: Seed
Round Size: US$3M
Date: Apr 2018

Previous Investments

Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: US$60K
Date: Sep, 2018
Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: US$100K
Date: Sep, 2018

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