Asia's first open Enterprise platform. Base integrates all the apps in your workplace in one place.


Base's mission is to build an open and intelligent platform that has all the great applications for businesses across Asia.

We believe that a complete technology platform will be the most important factor for business development breakthroughs. We are always faithful to our mission and ready to go along with every step of your business.

Constantly expanding and developing
Technology in the industrial era 4.0 is changing the world everyday. More than ever, technology is changing the way we work together. Technology helps us collaborate more efficiently, manage smarter, find customers faster, and most importantly, technology helps us make better decisions based on data.

Base will bring to your business the smartest, most modern technology products, based on three main components: Data & AI, Interaction, and Background. Platform (Open Platform). And imagine there are no limits: With any application you have or need, Base can help you integrate into a common platform.


Vuong Hoang
Vuong Hoang CMO Jan, 2018 - Present



South Korea

Round: Series A
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Jul 2019


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Round: Series A
Round Size: US$1.3M
Date: Dec 2018