Bright Shiny Robot

Bright Shiny Robot

Creative Marketing that Takes Asia's Tech Global

Founded: May 2019

About Bright Shiny Robot

Does your startup have global potential? We’ve helped hundreds of startups and blockchain companies from Korea, and across Asia.

Whether you’re taking your first steps beyond your home markets, raising your Series A, or you’re just unhappy with the results of your internal marketing efforts, we can help.

We’ve helped startups across Asia break out of their home markets and find global success.

● Global Marketing and Messaging Strategy
● Professional English Copywriting
● Pitch Decks, Scripts and Training
● Websites and Brochures
● Digital Marketing, Advertising and Content Marketing
● Trade Show Preparation and Representation
● Crowdfunding Campaigns
● App and Product Launches


Erik Cornelius
Erik Cornelius May, 2019 - Present