Chupspace is a website that allow users to find underutilised space from local businesses for any purpose.

Founded: October 2018

About Chupspace

The demand for non-traditional event venues are on the rise, and 67% of Gen Y prefer a flexible schedule for their work A.K.A. freelancers.

We fulfill passion with suitable spaces for work and play, no matter if you're a freelance cook looking for a kitchen for filming, a startup looking for a unique space to pitch your investors, or simply just looking for a space to work and take a break.

Imagine a world where you can rent a rooftop for meetings, a bar for your wine product launching, or simply a meeting room from Google for your investor presentation.

It's like an alternate version of Airbnb, but finding space for you to work instead of lodging.


Justin Tai
Justin Tai Mar, 2019 - Present

we are Looking for funding