CryptoHQ Fund

CryptoHQ Fund

CryptoHQ Fund
CryptoHQ is a Venture Capital & Crypto-Fund, incubation program for Emerging Technology, Blockchain, secondary offering market.

Founded: July 2018

About CryptoHQ Fund

CryptoHQ hybrid-based NYC's crypto-fund and incubation program with the decentralized evaluation of legal MVP for Emerging Tech and blockchain startups, secondary offering market, private investors, experts, family funds which could exist with the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The idea is both to protect investors and to help undervalued startups grow rapidly by gaining a foothold in a lucrative new market, and to democratize the VC-investment. CryptoHQ is using the blockchain and STO/Equity of startup's automation to allow backers to make an early-stage investment in promising tech companies, with a built-in Incubator and freedom of catchy project choices for developers, advisers, board members, partners that prepare them to access the Global market. Venture Capital has​ to spend a lot of time to examine a deal flow in manual mode. As a result, unicorns are missed, and investments are made to low potential. CryptoHQ's scoring filters and machine learning out all tech startups that have high investment risks; underdeveloped or fraudulent. CryptoHQ Fund is a hybrid fund for talented entrepreneurs creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems with blockchain/cryptography and EmTech. CryptoHQ New York is particularly interested in FinTech, EmTech, MediaTech, AdTech, Autonomous Robotics, Industry 4.0, Healthcare Tech, Energy & Mobility, AI/Machine-readable Media, Automated data collection & analysis, Blockchain of things and IoT, Internet of Money (DLT). The CryptoHQ's focus on Smart Contracts 2.0 post-ICO teams (secondary offering market), Stablecoins, and who have Responsibilities in a Crypto-economy, and Creating Value with Cryptocurrency.


Manana Samuseva
Manana Samuseva Apr, 2019 - Present