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e27 is the startup ecosystem's go-to platform for insights, connections, talent and funding opportunities. We also organises the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Founded: January 2007

About e27

e27 was founded in 2007 as a grassroots organisation before growing into a regional community content, events and digital platform engaging Asia's tech enthusiasts and professionals.

It reports on tech startup news, trends and personalities relevant to startup communities in Asia and also organizes the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Other community events include. Founders Drinks, a monthly meetup in several cities around Asia and previously, Echelon Ignite (now TOP100), a spin-off initiative from Echelon to catalyse younger startup communities and search for APAC's most promising startups.

e27 also provides access to a startup database, jobs portal, fundraising platform and contributor publications.


JitSiong Thaddeus Koh
JitSiong Thaddeus Koh Cofounder May, 2008 - Present
Sainul Abudheen K
Sainul Abudheen K Journalist Feb, 2015 - Present
Mohan Belani
Mohan Belani CEO Dec, 2011 - Present
Anisa Menur A. Maulani
Anisa Menur A. Maulani Journalist Mar, 2015 - Present
Kevin McSpadden
Kevin McSpadden Journalist Jul, 2015 - Present
Yon Heong Tung
Yon Heong Tung Senior Writer Jun, 2015 - Present
Daryl Chung
Daryl Chung Project Director Jul, 2016 - Present
Lyra Reyes
Lyra Reyes Writer Nov, 2016 - Present
Jiaway Koh
Jiaway Koh Assistant Projects Director Jul, 2015 - Present
Norman Kuo
Norman Kuo Business Development Jan, 2017 - Present
Jared Meng
Jared Meng Senior Programmes Executive Feb, 2018 - Present
Ashleigh Mark
Ashleigh Mark Programme Executive Feb, 2018 - Present
Sajeev Lim Prasad
Sajeev Lim Prasad General Manager Jun, 2018 - Present
Jairus Bondoc
Jairus Bondoc Developer Jan, 2015 - Present
Christine Ayroso
Christine Ayroso Senior Account Manager Sep, 2012 - Present
Nina Palad
Nina Palad Account manager May, 2018 - Present
Alfonso Manalastas
Alfonso Manalastas Content Marketing Executive Nov, 2018 - Present
Wencis Jude Acosta
Wencis Jude Acosta Product (QA & Platform) Feb, 2013 - Present
Gabey Li
Gabey Li Programmes Executive Jan, 2019 - Present
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan Senior Account Executive Nov, 2017 - Present




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Round: Series A
Round Size: US$2.2M
Date: Jul 2016

Round: Seed
Round Size: US$615K
Date: Feb 2013
Round: Angel
Round Size: US$35K
Date: May 2012

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