e27 is an online community platform that connects people and reports tech startup news and trends relevant to startup communities in Asia. e27 also organizes the much-celebrated Echelon conference

Founded: January 2007

About e27

e27 was founded in 2006 and is a media company focused on growing Asia’s technology startup ecosystem.

It reports on tech startup news, trends and personalities relevant to startup communities in Asia and also organizes the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Other community events include. Founders Drinks, a monthly meetup in several cities around Asia and most recently, Echelon Ignite, a spin-off conference from Echelon to catalyze younger startup communities.

JitSiong Thaddeus Koh
JitSiong Thaddeus Koh Cofounder May, 2008 - Present
Sainul Abudheen K
Sainul Abudheen K Journalist Feb, 2015 - Present
Mohan Belani
Mohan Belani CEO Dec, 2011 - Present
YJ Liao
YJ Liao Business Development Executive Apr, 2016 - Present
Jairus Bondoc
Jairus Bondoc Product Manager Dec, 2012 - Present
Anisa Menur A. Maulani
Anisa Menur A. Maulani Journalist Mar, 2015 - Present
Sydney Loteria
Sydney Loteria Front End Developer May, 2016 - Present
Wencis Jude Acosta
Wencis Jude Acosta Data / QA Feb, 2015 - Present
Amin Sulaiman
Amin Sulaiman Business Development Jun, 2016 - Present
Kathleen Lara
Kathleen Lara Project Executive May, 2016 - Present
Jiaway Koh
Jiaway Koh Assistant Projects Director Jul, 2015 - Present
Tin Ayroso
Tin Ayroso Business Manager Sep, 2012 - Present
Kristine Celicious
Kristine Celicious Business Development Aug, 2016 - Present
Zwee Dao
Zwee Dao Product Manager May, 2016 - Present
Kevin McSpadden
Kevin McSpadden Journalist Jul, 2015 - Present
Yon Heong Tung
Yon Heong Tung Senior Writer Jun, 2015 - Present
Wilfred Loh
Wilfred Loh Project Executive Oct, 2016 - Present
Chee Hui Ming
Chee Hui Ming Assistant Projects Director, Marketing Aug, 2016 - Present
Mark Anthony Carlos
Mark Anthony Carlos Back-end Developer Sep, 2016 - Present
Daryl Chung
Daryl Chung Project Director Jul, 2016 - Present
Anthony Thong Do
Anthony Thong Do UX Designer Oct, 2016 - Present
J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma Copy Editor Oct, 2016 - Present
Joey Alarilla
Joey Alarilla Head of Community and Social Media Sep, 2016 - Present
Stephanie Lin
Stephanie Lin Project Executive Jan, 2017 - Present
Lyra Reyes
Lyra Reyes Writer Nov, 2016 - Present
Amin Sulaiman
Amin Sulaiman Business Development Jun, 2016 - Present


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Round: Series A
Round Size: US$2.2M
Date: Jul 2016
Round: Seed
Round Size: US$615K
Date: Feb 2013


Round: Angel
Round Size: US$35K
Date: May 2012
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