Flying Chalks

Flying Chalks

Flying Chalks is the first intelligent one-stop platform for international students worldwide!

See us as the Tripadvisor & Linkedin combined for overseas studies!

Founded: May 2015

About Flying Chalks

At Flying Chalks, we are building the first intelligent one-stop platform for international students worldwide!

The problem lies in that despite advancements in technology, the support ecosystem for overseas studies has not improved for the past decade.

Embracing technology is needed so that universities can constantly improve its services and processes to better help students in every aspect of their study abroad journey. However, universities have been slow in adopting technology due to bureaucracy, limited resources or simply lacking the incentive to do so.

This situation affects students the most because they primarily rely on their universities for any guidance, support and companionship that they very much need when they travel to a foreign land for their studies. The lack of support then undermines the best overseas studies experience that students can get.

Flying Chalks then presents itself as the first intelligent one-stop platform for international students. We utilize technology to improve efficiency and create a self-help platform by bringing together the fragmented student communities worldwide. A self-help platform where students can both contribute information and receive all that they need, as well as easily discover and connect with other students.

Our active community allows students to:

- Discover peers who are heading to the same university/country
- Seek advice from seniors who have returned from their overseas studies
- Connect with local students who can help them better integrate into life there

And to complement our online platform, we also provide study abroad services for students who require greater assistance. These services include helping student apply to universities, settling them down in the country and running programs that allow them to have a richer local experience.

Our vision is to become the first platform that the 200 million university students worldwide will visit for their overseas studies!


Melvin Lee
Melvin Lee Founder & CEO May, 2015 - Present



Round: Angel
Round Size: US$18K
Date: Apr 2017
Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: US$40K
Date: Mar 2016

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