Foodkit provides everything needed to power a restaurant’s digital business out-of-the-box. Foodkit is a global market leader, offering a full-featured white label SaaS platform and scalable open API.

Founded: February 2016

About Foodkit

With Foodkit, any restaurant can now: Offer digital ordering like Domino’s, loyalty programs like Starbuck’s and dispatch drivers like Uber.

Our full-featured white label Saas Platform and open API provides everything to power a restaurant's digital business out-of the box.

Restaurants can say goodbye to complex technology and easily meet the increasing consumer demand for online services, such as:

1. Fully branded websites, apps & chat bots
2. Delivery and takeaways
3. Advanced ordering & table reservations,
4. Loyalty programs
5. Payment solutions and ewallet.

And if you want build your own tech, Foodkit offers the world’s only Food API for your engineers to plug into and leverage the power of our services.

Within months of launching our platform we have already partnered with international brands such as Dairy Queen and The Coffee Club and have many more premium F&B companies in the pipeline.

Backed by VC’s and high profile angel’s, Foodkit is the market leader in this space with no other regional supplier offering a fully open Food API and technology suite that powers direct to consumer relationships through a complete white-labeled solution.

Our platform is scalable and adaptable to any restaurant. Essentially, The Foodkit platform is democratising restaurants around the globe by arming them with the tools necessary to compete in an increasingly digital world. Never before has it been so easy for F&B brands to set up online and start selling.

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Patrick Monaco-Sorge
Patrick Monaco-Sorge Managing Director Sep, 2016 - Present
Corey McMahon
Corey McMahon CTO Feb, 2016 - Present
ellie dixon
ellie dixon Creative Mar, 2016 - Present
Nick Morgenstern
Nick Morgenstern CEO Feb, 2016 - Present
Jessica Chan
Jessica Chan VP Strategy Sep, 2016 - Present

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