Decentralisation is not just a technological revolution, it is a social movement, a cultural phenomenon waiting to explode.
We want to put power back in the hands of the people.

Founded: 2017

About Grounded

Grounded was founded on a collective dream to build an empire and leave a legacy behind long after we’re gone. Our goal is to become deeply embedded in the fabrics of society and history, creating, curating, and contributing to the world as we know it.

Since 2017, we have grown to encompass several business units, across a diverse range of expertise. In each endeavour, our DNA remains the same - we strive for excellence and pursue success in everything we do.

Despite our lofty goals, we remain grounded in our values. We aren’t afraid of challenges, to buckle down when the going gets tough; and even with our successes we stay humble and young at heart, so we can keep learning and growing, together.

An anagram of UNDERDOG, we embody this spirit as a team. No matter our background, we do everything we can to be the best version of ourselves. We hold our own, and work hard to walk amongst giants.


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