HAKOVO provides digital platform to simplify cross-border shipping. We empower businesses to compete their cross-border trade by unboxing the black box of logistics, and removing supply chain barriers

Founded: March 2016


The market is very open to new technologies such as mobile apps and social media. Other technologies such as Big Data, IoT, AI, etc are already being deployed in consumer and business applications. All these have created thousands of new companies in many industries. But the international freight industry is very slow in responding to these changes. The industry has definitely enabled world trade since many years ago. But in terms of developing new business models and technologies, it is still very conservative.

This gives rise to new technology companies such as Amazon and Alibaba, who are not traditional logistics players. As you may know, these two giants are focusing on building an end to end logistics network.
At HAKOVO, we believe the world is bigger than these two companies. There are still many independent eCommerce platforms, and much more manufacturers will want to sell their products through e-commerce in the future. That’s why we want to develop a product which can compete with the service offered by Amazon and Alibaba modernize the international freight for the new generation.
International air and sea freight forwarding business is in market in the past 50 years without significant or revolutionary change, the way of communication may change over from fax in the old days to email and calls today. However, quoting process is long and confusing. It involves large amount of waiting time, back and forth communications, labour, and administrative works for both LSP and Customers. As a result, opportunity cost high and efficiency is low.

There’s an opportunity to improve efficiency and optimize cost through a cloud-based collaborative platform.
We believe that customers deserve a better, faster and data-rich shipping and booking experience. We achieve this by providing a platform to integrate critical solutions for our customers which include a marketplace, digitization of document handling, advanced visibility system, and trade finance solutions.


Takayuki Akahodani
Takayuki Akahodani Founder & CEO Mar, 2016 - Present



Round: Angel
Round Size: US$600K
Date: Jan 2018
Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: US$45K
Date: Nov 2016