InvestorZ is a revolutionary social finance mobile app, to help hundred of thousands of investors to stay on top of world financial markets.

Founded: September 2015

About investorz

InvestorZ app is Social Finance App, the first of its kind.

InvestorZ helps the next generation aspiring investors make confident, smarter decisions on their investments by focus of 3 innovative value propositions.

Social recommendations from community experts: users can browse 1000+ of stock charts in seconds, and stay on top of the markets just like using social media aka Instagram.

Robo-Advisor: we provide full feature chat messaging for investors, as well as chatbot assistance to guide users through their investment journeys.

Self learning platform, and professional research tools to help user make better decision on the markets.

With over 100k monthly active users from Thailand. We also partnered with global market data provider from USA.


Susornpol Watanachote
Susornpol Watanachote CEO and Co-founder Sep, 2015 - Present

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