B2B tax platform which aims to save billions wasted on tax compliance. We'll accomplish this through robotics and machine learning - automating processes around data capture and filing. #TaxDoneRight

Founded: May 2017

About JuanTax

Today, when accountants and business owners want to comply with the Philippine government to file and pay their taxes, it is next to impossible because of the tools, processes, that are available to them. We waste close to US$500M every year on inefficiency in tax compliance, primarily on repetitive data entry.

As an accounting geek, with experience in process automation, outsourcing, and software development, we assembled a team that envision to build products that connect every business transaction - capturing tax and accounting data using robotics, integration, and machine learning.

With our combined experiences, we made it our mission to remove the challenges of tax compliance experienced by businesses, of all sizes.


Marvin Galang
Marvin Galang CEO May, 2017 - Present

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