JULES Corporation

JULES Corporation

Singapore Social-Enterprise and award-winning global EdTech, providing proprietary Computational Thinking solutions- Linking Our Youngest Minds to the Thinking of the Future to Meet 21st Century Needs

Founded: May 2017

About JULES Corporation

Jules Corporation Pte Ltd (“JULES”) is a Singapore Social-Enterprise and award-winning global software Education Technology (“EdTech”) company, providing proprietary Computational Thinking solutions and Linking Our Youngest Minds to the Thinking of the Future.
To meet the global need for 21st Century skills, JULES created a proprietary solution for preschool educators - the World’s 1st Computational Thinking Curriculum, School of Fish (“SoF”). Developed after months of extensive R&D by our global team of experts in early childhood education, world-class game and animation design, pediatric neuropsychology and digital technology development, our Curriculum then incorporated active engagement and feedback from pre-schools, teachers, parents and children.

Following our motto, Engage, Entertain, Enlighten - SoF is a child-centered curriculum inspired by the Montessori teaching pedagogy that “Children learn best when they are having fun”. In this aspect, SoF has achieved several “1st” (1) Introduced full CT concepts to pre-schools; (2) Simplified learning of complex CT concepts through gamification & delivered through mobile apps; (3) Created a story-based curriculum using a personal avatar and 3D animation; and (4) Developed a holistic curriculum, blended with multi-sensory online & offline activities.
We help children develop foundational CT skills & Digital Intelligence (“DQ”) habits such as proper online etiquette (“Netiquette”), online safety as well as self-regulation and financial literacy.
SoF’s value proposition is to create a positive experience for our key stakeholders:
2. Teachers find it EASY TO ADMINISTER and teach each lesson;
3. Schools can QUICKLY DEPLOY our Curriculum; and
4. Parents SEE RESULTS and immediate learning outcomes. Impacted 40+ kindergartens, 3000+ children, 100+ teachers, 50,000+ of lesson hours:Deployed in China, SE Asia, Taiwan and HK


KC Yoon
KC Yoon Mar, 2019 - Present

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