Klip is a Social Curation tool which helps users discover Interesting Lifestyle and Fashion Products.

About Klip.in

Klip is a product discovery tool for interesting and off beat lifestyle products. It is for people who like things on and around them to reveal more of who they are. Klip is a tool to help you find things that will set you apart and stay unique! There are thousands of interesting lifestyle products online and hardly a good way to find them, they thought it should be easier than browsing through ten blue links at a time and then going through 5 different tabs to find something that matches your unique taste.

And that’s what Klip does - a fun place to discover quirky, interesting, sexy stuff for your wardrobe or home or even your giftlist. Stuff that will make you stand out and be your true self!

If you like standing out in the way you dress, if you like doing up your desk or home with things that have an edge about them or like to collect fun and quirky knick knacks or simply have a taste for creative stuff that’s not main stream, then Klip is the perfect tool for you. It helps you find and create a virtual collection of these far out and quirky products.



Round: Seed
Round Size: US$500K
Date: Feb 2015
Round: Seed
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Sep 2013