A clean beauty platform to enable consumers who have skin problem or health conscious, check the safety rating for their personal care and cosmetics products, to know what is safe and clean for them.

Founded: December 2013

About Miracolo

We started by going offline by having pop-ups around shopping malls up to our first brick-and-mortal in Malaysia.

We get to speak to public on what concerned them and the majority of people with skin problem do not know that harmful synthetic chemical ingredients in their personal care and cosmetics products will trigger their skin problem further. Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, sensitivity, allergies, or acne are getting more common and on the rise.

We support clean and safe beauty, personal care and cosmetics products.
Clean beauty, for us simply means non-toxic product that is made without long list of ingredients linked to harmful health effect from skin irritation, hormone disruptor to cancer-causing agents.

We are an advocate of promoting safe and clean ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products for a healthier living. Consumers should be able to make an informed choice of what is the best for them.