JJS Media developed MyMusicTaste, a concert organizing platform that allows music fans from around the world to initiate live music concerts.

Founded: December 2011

About MyMusicTaste

MyMusicTaste is a live event demand platform driven by fans. They’re creating a new paradigm for how live events are organized. MyMusicTaste empowers fans by giving them a voice in when & where events are held.

Fans play the most valuable role in the live events industry, however their opinions are often overlooked or left out during the production process. Through MyMusicTaste, artists and promoters engage with fans to acquire reliable real-time data. MyMusicTaste bridges the gap between artists, promoters and fans to create a personal and unforgettable experience for all parties involved.

MyMusicTaste significantly lowers the risk promoters take on when producing any live event with concrete fan data from around the world. Promoters now know the answer to 3 crucial questions when planning a live event: Where, When & How much?

Artists are able to discover new markets while fans are presented with the unique opportunity to personally create and promote an event with their favorite artist.




South Korea

Round: Series C
Round Size: US$11M
Date: Nov 2017
Round: Series A
Round Size: US$10M
Date: Jan 2016
Round: Series B
Round Size: US$6.5M
Date: Jan 2016

Round: Seed
Round Size: US$800K
Date: Dec 2012