One Liter Car Wash

One Liter Car Wash

A social enterprise mobile car wash business that operates out of closed parking lots in and around Klang Valley.

Founded: October 2016

About One Liter Car Wash

1L Car Wash is inspired by car lovers that enjoy looking at a car and going WOW for its clean and shiny look!! For most city dwellers, your car goes everywhere with you and everyone sees your car. A clean shiny car will make the very first impression even before you speak to someone.

But we know, maintaining your car can be a hassle with your busy schedule. You would either have to drive and wait at the car wash or even wash it yourself. This inspired us to Bring The Car Wash to You! With every car washed, we aim to change and enrich the lives of others. Many of our detailers are trained underserved youth from MySkills Foundation. We take a personal responsibility to enrich their lives with soft skills and entrepreneurial skills throughout our business operations whilst receiving training to be professional detailer. 1L Car Wash is a Social Enterprise – Providing Exceptional Service, Saving Water & Changing Lives.


Darshillan Ramachandran
Darshillan Ramachandran Founder & CEO Oct, 2016 - Present

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