Pepper Talk

Pepper Talk  Top100 - Echelon Asia Summit 2015

PepperTalk is a cross platform solution that enables developers to quickly add standard messaging functionality in their apps. It is available as SDK for iOS, Android & Web platforms.

Founded: July 2014

About Pepper Talk

Pepper Talk is a Cross Platform solution that helps businesses and apps improve user engagement via in-app messaging. They provide a customizable SDK for iOS, Android and Web that can embedded into apps in minutes. Their SDK provides these features right out of the Box:
1-to-1 and Group Chat features along with Photo and Location Sharing between users.

They provide a cool Custom Data Sharing feature by which apps can enable users to share any custom content with each other from within the app.

Other features available include Broadcast Messaging, Chat Notifications, Message receipts, and a Customizable UI.

They also provide Cross Device syncing and a Real Time Analytics dashboard for apps to monitor user engagement.


Himanshu Retarekar
Himanshu Retarekar CEO Jul, 2014 - Present
Jebu Ittiachen
Jebu Ittiachen CTO Jul, 2014 - Present
Karthik Kumaraswamy
Karthik Kumaraswamy COO Jul, 2014 - Present

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