Getting insurance is now Simpler, Easier & Affordable. We are more than insurance, we are making you sure you get the right protection for now and future; for you and your loved ones

Founded: January 2017

About PolicyStreet

PolicyStreet is not an insurer but an appointed representative. We bring in customers both consumers and enterprises and act as the intermediator for our agents and insurers who ultimately provide the balance sheet risk and regulatory cover.

With our needs-based infrastructure, customers can discover their coverage gaps, review and purchase policies that meet their needs.

We work in an inclusive ecosystem where we enable customers to either buy the policies direct from us (those that are provided by us) or we connect them with our signature agents to complete the purchase of policies (O2O) whilst ensuring the best-in-class service levels.

Having recently secured a 12 months contract with UForLife, the largest online term life provider in Malaysia by Tokio Marine Life and Handover Re, we have underwritten RM13.9 million (USD 3.2 million) of pure protection in terms of sum assured with a revenue of RM 154,000 (USD 35,000) in just 3 months of operations.


Jason Lee
Jason Lee CSO Jan, 2017 - Present
Winnie Chua
Winnie Chua CPO Jan, 2017 - Present
Wilson Beh
Wilson Beh Co-founder & COO Jan, 2017 - Present
Lee Yen Ming
Lee Yen Ming Co-founder & CEO Jan, 2017 - Present

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