SelfKey Foundation

SelfKey Foundation

SelfKey™ is a Self Sovereign Identity implementation with an integrated financial services marketplace built on an open platform using blockchain technology.

Founded: August 2017

About SelfKey Foundation

SelfKey is a blockchain based digital identity system with an integrated financial services marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data, and to allow them to request identity claims attestations and instantly apply for passports, residency and financial services in a safe, secure manner.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet allows users to access securely to their identity attributes and documents, such as passports, stored and encrypted on their personal device and not in a centralized database or in the blockchain.

Through the Identity Wallet, users may request to certifiers, such as a notary, to certificate their identity attributes and documents.

Then users can securely share these identity attributes or documents with relying parties such as banks, in order to access to their products and services. Allowing for a quicker KYC on boarding process.

SelfKey has a financial services marketplace, where its users can apply for bank accounts, health insurance, incorporate a company, or even buy gold, or apply for citizenship/residency by investment, among other services.

The SelfKey ecosystem is powered by its native token KEY. Certain actions will require payment in KEY and others will involve placing KEY in a locked contract.

SelfKey puts natural persons and organizations at the center of their identity management process, where they can truly control, manage, and own their digital identity.

SelfKey technology has been successfully tested and implemented by KYC-Chain (founder of the SelfKey Foundation) with several financial services players, such as Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong.



SelfKey Foundation Sep, 2017 - Present

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