Myanmar's leading blockchain-based payment processor and exchange. Anyone in Myanmar can now earn money for goods and services (or receive donations) from anywhere in the world through SKYBIT!

Founded: June 2015


SKYBIT is a web application that transcends long-standing payment barriers between Myanmar and the rest of the world through the use of blockchain technology.

SKYBIT's initial services will be:
Payment Processor:
SKYBIT will take a bitcoin payment and credit the merchant or charity organization with Myanmar Kyat currency (MMK), making the following now possible:
1. Any Myanmar person or business can now offer their goods and services to the entire world on the internet with the expectation of receiving money for them through SKYBIT;
2. Donations worth any amount (even 1 USD) can now easily come into Myanmar.

Ad Pages:
Users who do not have their own web site can advertise their goods and services or campaign to raise funds on SKYBIT Ad Pages.

Users can buy or sell bitcoin with local currency on SKYBIT.

The new Myanmar government has inherited numerous big-picture problems after decades of isolation and mismanagement. Myanmar people are among the poorest in the world, with median net wealth being just 785 USD. The cost of living there has been rising dramatically, with salaries often inadequate for basic living.

People in developed countries are immensely wealthy relative to Myanmar people. SKYBIT applies blockchain technology to Myanmar in order to allow more of the enormous wealth that exists outside Myanmar to easily enter the country.

Increased inflow of money will benefit people at all levels of Myanmar society, particularly:
The most needy (e.g. the homeless, disabled, orphans) via charity organizations who, because of SKYBIT, can now campaign internationally to receive funds from donors from all over the world;
Ordinary people who want a new income stream by offering goods or services to people in other countries;
Businesses who want to expand to international markets and wish to implement modern technology for receiving payments.

Presentation for investors:


Philip Lim
Philip Lim Founder and CEO Jun, 2015 - Present

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