An on-demand house call doctor service that enables the elderly, immobile, caregivers, young parents get immediate access to medical care by getting treatment, medications, MC at their doorstep.

Founded: March 2017

About Speedoc

Started by a doctor, Speedoc is a local home medical services startup focusing on affordable home healthcare services using mobile apps. We have a team of doctors, business executives and technology specialists working to solve the problems for the elderly and immobile patients seeking medical care in Singapore, with the aim of providing the very best medical care possible in the comfort of their own home, using geolocation to serve the respective areas for prompt visits, with maximum efficiency of downtimes.

Our goal is to improve the overall patient experience and medical care for the elderly. We plan to focus on preventative medicine and regular follow ups of chronic conditions for the above demographics, providing catered and timely treatment for non-critical illnesses, thereby, cutting overall healthcare costs as per our projections by means of decreased A&E visits, reduced hospitalizations and quicker discharges. In time, we will be focusing on further cutting down health care costs by providing an alternative for patients with non-critical conditions/injuries who usually seek help after-hours in the emergency department.


Serene Cai Director Marketing and Communications Mar, 2017 - Present
Dr. Shravan Verma Founder & CEO Sep, 2016 - Present

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