Sunscore: Solar Energy Company

Sunscore: Solar Energy Company

Sunscore is a solar panel installation company on city's rooftop that helps residents, Industries and companies to meet their solar requirements.

Founded: May 2017

About Sunscore: Solar Energy Company

Sunscore is a system for setting up a solar energy panel on any rooftop. It is fast, quite user-friendly and effective low cost for the common man. The building rooftop we have has a capacity of 4 kW and more. Now, with the help of sunscore, we are planning to install a 3 kW solar plant. before installing a solar panel, these are the points you should consider first:-
1. Do you have a roof that can support solar system:-
This is a pretty important topic if your roof lacks sunlight most of the day throughout the year, then it does not sound familiar to justify the costs of the panel. that is the key things you need to assess before you look forward to installing.


Ankit Sheoran Apr, 2019 - Present