TXTSUPPORT.CO is an on-demand web-based SMS/Text Support Platform. (Philippines only).

Founded: January 2012

About TxtSupport

Problem Definition:
Philippines has the largest SMS user base, exceeding 250 Million messages per day. Effective customer communications over SMS has proven difficult for businesses. Furthermore, the customer is charged to communicate with the business, often leading the customer to look for alternatives.

TxtSupport is a SMS CRM allowing businesses to interact with their customers via SMS. It also provide integration into existing platforms and a growing API support to extend it. The best part of TxtSupport is that all communication costs are charged to the business, encouraging customers to interact without being charged by the telco.

Target Users:
Their primary users are businesses who need to properly communicate with customers via SMS and require a CRM to maintain a relationship with their user base.

Value Proposition:
TxtSupport provides an On-demand SMS CRM platform so businesses can communicate with their customers immediately. By not charging the customer to send the business SMS (reverse-charging), TxtSupport encourages interaction and business growth.

Market Size:
Their target market is primarily businesses and enterprises who have outgrown single mobile phone level communicates and are looking to streamline and scale SMS interaction with their customers.

Business Model:
Their current pricing model is a platform fee based on feature tiers and it's respective messages credits (received and sent). Additional pricing for message credits (received or sent) is also available for larger volume users.

Their direct competition in the Philippines comes from custom platforms built by the major local telco's - Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. Non-Philippines competition comes in the form of SMS gateways by Clickatell, BulkSMS and Nexmo.

Competitive Advantage:
Their biggest advantage is that they provide reverse-charging allowing customers to freely communicate with the business.


Sarwar Faruque
Sarwar Faruque Founder Dec, 2014 - Present
Jairus Bondoc
Jairus Bondoc Technology Head Dec, 2014 - Present
Joshua Kaleb Bondoc
Joshua Kaleb Bondoc Developer Feb, 2017 - Present


Round: Seed
Round Size: US$5K
Date: Nov 2014

Previous Investments

Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: US$1.2M
Date: Feb, 2015
Judges' Comments
Amarit Charoenphan

Amarit Charoenphan

Thailand Startup Ecosystem Builder & Metapreneur / Co-CEO & Cofounder, HUBBA

Telcos are major competitors. Too much focus on B2B services.

John Orrock

John Orrock

Founder at Future Now Ventures

Review pricing model.

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