ViSenze is an artificial intelligence startup with the mission to simplify the Visual Web through technology built from state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision R&D.

Founded: August 2012

About ViSenze

ViSenze originates from a R&D spin-off from the National University of Singapore, and develops highly advanced visual search algorithms, combining state-of-the-the-art deep learning with the latest computer vision technology to solve search and recognition problems faced by businesses in the visual web space.

The company provides its visual technology APIs through a Software-as-a-Service offering to online retailers, content owners, brands and advertisers, app developers and digital publishers, enabling their platforms to recognise products for retrieval purposes or instant purchases.

Some of their customers include e-commerce marketplaces and retailers such as Flipkart, Zalora, Lazada, and content management platforms like Patsnap.


Victor Goh Business Development & Operations Nov, 2013 - Present
Roger Yuen
Roger Yuen Chairman & Co-founder Aug, 2012 - Present
Carolyn Choo Hr Director Oct, 2016 - Present
Trisha Chetani
Trisha Chetani QA Nov, 2016 - Present


Round: Series C
Round Size: US$20M
Date: Feb 2019
Round: Series B
Round Size: US$10.5M
Date: Sep 2016
Round: Series A
Round Size: US$3.5M
Date: Feb 2014