Panjury is an opinion network that hosts and organizes global conversations for whatever you’re into.

Founded: 2014

About Panjury

Panjury is an opinion network that hosts and organizes global conversation for whatever you’re into.

Internet is overrun with opinions, but most of them are scattered, and hardly measurable. aims to change that. Panjury is an independent, collaborative project to quantify your opinions on everything. Panjury does not represent any organization since they're independent, and they plan on remaining neutral for years to come.
They hope Panjury can act as a tool that helps facilitate communication between different interest groups. They hope to be a medium that represents the people.

Panjury is a user driven platform. All content are created by their users and as a result, they are not responsible for what may appear on

To get started, simply search for the things you have an opinion on, attach a score to your opinion, then write something. If they don't have the item you are looking for, you can create it immediately through the Search function. You don't have to worry about getting the details right when creating an item (but of course they will love you for getting it right!) because their editors will eventually correct any incorrect information.

Panjury is designed for anyone to analyze and contribute to the internet consciousness of any subject. They inspires independent thought by making it fun, interactive and rewarding for the community to share their opinions.

Panjury let's you opinionize EVERYTHING. From Marxism, to whey protein, to Obama, to even your ex girlfriend.


Jeffery, Xun Liu
Jeffery, Xun Liu Founder May, 2015 - Present