Note: This article is sponsored by Lithan Hall Academy

As we enter the new year, startups in Singapore face an increasingly daunting array of challenges. From the increasing ubiquity of mobile and data analytics technology to the universal demand of talent, there certainly is much for fledgling and established startups alike to overcome in 2014.

That said, a competent team makes it that much easier for startups to navigate obstacles, providing constructive criticism and different perspectives. There are two ways to build a team; one is to recruit the best and the brightest from the startup world and beyond, hoping they will work together towards a common goal. However, the efficacy of this method is put into question when one looks at the recent talent grab that companies are having in Singapore and beyond.

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The other way is to put together a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who may not have all the skills needed, with the expectation that they will pick up the requisite skills on the job. Naturally, this method carries the risk that the members may not be able to learn the skills in time, resulting in a poorer, less effective team.

One method of shortening this process of skill acquisition is by letting members of the team go for courses, where knowledge is presented in a structured manner that’s easier to digest. Here, of course, there is the matter of cost, which many startups may find prohibitive, particularly if they haven’t been funded beyond the seed stage.

Now, startups can allay these worries with a new programme by Lithan Hall Academy,  a registered private education institution which provides specialist education programmes for high-demand professional communities in Asia. Together with WDA, Lithan Hall’s programme will reimburse up to S$2000 of the salaries of employees for six months, as well as nearly 90 per cent of the attendee’s course fees.

Among the courses offered include the Professional Diploma in Technology Sales and Marketing. The objective of this programme is to develop a technopreneur with the following skills:

  • Apply the venture creation processes to develop new businesses
  • Generate an innovative business model and develop growth strategies through product differentiation
  • Create go-to-market strategies for Infocomm products using social media marketing
  • Establish sales channels and internationalisation strategies
  • Formulate customer relationship management strategies and demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership
  • Analyse financial reports and make informed decisions

This programme will award the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) qualifications to successful graduates, who would have gained the skills and competencies needed to assume the following job roles in the ICT sector:

  • Sales/Business Development
  • Executive/Management
  • Channel Executive/ Manager
  • Marketing Executive/ Manager
  • Management Associate
  • Product Manager/ Architect

This salary funding scheme will end by Feb 2014; so this is your last chance to sign up, benefit from these courses and take advantage of government funding at the same time!

Image Credit:  bikeriderlondon / Shutterstock