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Sulaiman Ismail

Project Director, Strongman


Leading the Operations team with a team of project managers across both traditional and digital segments of agency. Working with the various departmental teams to provide better transparency, accountability as well as foresight of projects and revenue across agency while still responsible for leading/overseeing multiple projects and project teams implementing projects of various sizes (scale), complexity, and duration to deliver solutions and services to the both external and internal clients. Project teams comprised of cross-functional internal and external resources.

A system analyst by training, I am technically inclined - and get heavily involved into technical scoping and requirements gathering, product iteration, optimization through to development and final delivery.

As a leader, I opt to inspire and motivate people and I respond similarly. My inherent ability to relate to people, coupled with my genuine interest in others provides the foundation necessary to build and maintain long lasting client relations. While i enjoy all aspects of my job, i think my favourite stage of a project is when we are going through that collaborative process, where the ideas start to flow.I thrive in a positive, collaborative work environment in which people are challenged to work hard to achieve results.

Competitive Strongman.
I have competitively moving random heavy objects quickly from one point to another in Singapore and Malaysia since 2007, a top 10 finalist since 2009. Competitive strongman helped ignite a different passion.Together with like-minded friends, we co-founded the SG Titans - a not-for-profit group that allows anybody to try strongman, kettlebell and powerlifting.

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I'm based in
Singapore, Singapore