Replaid Pte Ltd announces fifth version of Summon Auntie, comes integrated with NotePlate and a new Google Map to show traffic conditions.

If there is an app where most drivers in Singapore must know, it is definitely Summon Auntie. What is it you ask? Built by Replaid Pte Ltd, Summon Auntie is a community-based app made by drivers, for drivers. Developed as a tool to remind drivers and riders to display their parking coupons correctly, Summon Auntie sends out alerts when a user in the vicinity spots parking wardens near their vehicles, so that users can double-check to ensure that their parking coupons are still valid – thereby preventing any unwanted, and costly summons.

Launched last August as a National Day gift to all Singaporeans, Replaid, the company behind the popular app has now rolled out its fifth version. Apart from its refreshed design, a key feature upgrade is the integration of NotePlate. Noteplate is also an app developed by Replaid, which allows you to communicate with any drivers using their car plate number. The messaging app is also available in 20 other countries.

How does the integration of NotePlate into Summon Auntie works? If you notice anything in a car passing by, such as a flat tyre, a spoilt taillight, you can now send a message across to that car plate number through NotePlate in the Summon Auntie app. “Since it is an app that is relevant to Summon Auntie, we decided to integrate NotePlate into Summon Auntie specially for the Singapore driver community.”, says Sanjay from Replaid.

Other than the new design and integration with NotePlate, the new version of Summon Auntie also comes with the ‘My Traffic’ feature which uses Google Map to show traffic conditions. With its new features, Summon Auntie definitely makes driving more enjoyable in Singapore, and also helps Singapore drivers prevent costly summons.

About Replaid Pte. Ltd.
Replaid is an upcoming start up that designs mobile applications on iOS as well as Android platforms. Replaid Pte. Ltd. is founded in December 2010 and hosts an enthusiastic and creative team who constantly challenge themselves. They are funded by Spring Singapore’s Yes!Startup Fund initiative. Having designed various applications on iOS and Android, for the iPad and various websites, Replaid has a humble portfolio to showcase to its audience. Replaid’s projects are inspired from real world issues.