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3 reasons why all businesses should use social media

Whether you make steel pipes or sell polythene; you, your customer, your vendors are all on social media. Here's how to leverage it 

5 tips for startups new to social media engagement

Besides keeping your voice authentic and the conversation coherent, what other ways can you engage your followers? 

Singapore's Unified Inbox acquires US-based SocialGrow

The key components of SocialGrow will be integrated into Unified Inbox’s product offerings 

Unified Inbox announces enhancement to core product

Unified Inbox launches InboxRank, which uses a smart sorting algorithm in conjunction with SAP's HANA, to enable greater control of inbox communications 

Echelon 2014: How can India and Southeast Asia join forces?

So far inclined towards the West for raising funds and expansion, Indian startups have now begun to see SEA as a potential market 

Unified Inbox to buy cloud solution Smak for LifeModes integration

Recently headquartered in Singapore, this firm will be integrating LifeModes into its platform to help users classify messages 

Is Unified Inbox the solution for managing multiple accounts?

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