News Capsule: Here are the 5 startup news that caught our attention today

It was an exciting day for Asian startup community. Some has raised funds, some has acquired a local company ... While some has to call it quits 

Why Verizon bought Yahoo

Verizon wants to compete with Facebook and Google, but it can't do so head on, so it has to find an alternative attack plan 

Ask celebs anything and they'll answer via video selfies:

The idea behind the app is to expand the horizon of conversations and spark a two-way dialogue 

TLabs expands its accelerator to Bangalore; will offer US$50K to each startup

It will allow startups to syndicate the first round with TLabs being the lead investor 

TLabs launches sixth batch; enhances investment for startups

TLabs has raised the valuation of each startup that it accepts in the programme from US$162K to US$242K, and will invest US$19K in each 

News in Shorts raises funds from Times Internet, Flipkart Co-founders

The Indian mobile app firm will be using the undisclosed amount mainly for marketing, product improvement and expansion