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A sunrise industry: Singapore's YCH Group launches US$14.6M venture fund for logistics startups

Singapore's National Research Foundation revealed today a new venture capital fund, take a look at details for one of the participants 

How banks should should react to the fintech revolution: Accenture Report

Fintech is not necessarily a threat poised to hobble the banks, but rather can be leveraged to make old institutions more nimble and efficient 

In Thailand, banks are starting to look into the local fintech scene

Bangkok Bank is the latest to foray into the industry with US$56 million initial investment budget 

Take note - Asia Pacific is now second biggest region for fintech investment

According to an Accenture report, Asia Pacific accounts for 19 per cent of global financing activity, up from just six per cent in 2010 

Veteran banker Arwin Rasyid: Not a great idea for banks to compete with fintech startups

At the event, JWC Ventures Co-founder Jefrey Joe said he does not believe a tech bubble is about to pop 

Accenture is back for batch 2 of its FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific

Investments into fin-tech ventures in Asia Pacific have more than tripled from US$245 million in 2013 to US$767 million in 2014 

Cyberport and Accenture bring new FinTech accelerator programme

Cyberport and Accenture introduces a new Hong Kong-based FinTech Mentoring and Accelerator Programme targeted at financial services startups 

[Hong Kong] FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific

If you're an early-stage or established financial services company, Accenture's FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific just may be for you! 

ReservO: Book that relaxing spa session at ease

Malaysia-based startup wants to help users make hassle-free advance bookings for beauty and wellness services, and enable merchants to increase web presence