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Ageism in the tech startup world: hot debate at Echelon 2015

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5 things that will shape mobile advertising in 2015

Anil Mathews, Founder and CEO, AdNear tells us how 2015 will be an even more exciting year for the industry 

Apple still losing to Samsung in Hong Kong: AdNear

Samsung claimed 31 per cent of mobile users in the city in the second half of 2014 versus Apple's 21 per cent 

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AdNear raises US$19 million in Series B funding

Investors include Global Brain, Telstra Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Canaan Partners 

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New insights from location-based Big Data firm AdNear also show that Australian men and women shop for groceries equally 

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Do Singaporeans shop more during CNY? Mobile tracking says yes!

CNY weekend saw 20% increase in no. of shoppers: Big Data co. AdNear; insights can help understand consumer behaviour, refine mktg efforts