Today's top tech news, June 26: Startupbootcamp launches Japan cohort, Affle International acquires RevX

Also, Consentium launches crypto exchange platform Exonium, and Apple acquires AI-powered self-driving car startup 

Avoid ugly language of nationalism when talking trade war

It is important to stay on top of the trade war news, but picking sides is an egregious mistake 

What I learned about management from scaling one of Southeast’s Asia fastest growing Series B startups

Don't expect managers to teach themselves, and make sure to hold them to high (and strict) standards 

Today's top tech news, February 11: Co-working consolidation and Vietnam raises again

Also, Huawei sales soar in China and GrabFood Singapore merges with main app 

AI is becoming more human, and 3 additional trends to watch in this space

We're no longer worried about the intelligence of our computers, but rather whether we can tell the difference between AI and humans 

Today's top tech news, Jan 4: Google Maps blamed for congested alleyways in Jakarta

We also have a funding news for the life sciences unit of Google's Alphabet, Apple's stock price, and a moon landing 

Today's top tech news, November 19: Tencent and Sea Group tie up for games publishing

Also, Gushcloud buys back its company and Tencent restricts WeChat publishing 

Today's top tech news, Nov 9: Google revises sexual harassment reporting policies

Joining Google in today's edition of top tech news is Mphasis, Apple Store, Synyi, and a certain headmaster from Hunan