Blockchain transfer firm Bitspark to launch Philippine-peso stablecoin

The pilot is launched together with Okra Solar to reduce transfer costs and the need for cash deposits 

Blockchain is booming, but will grow to become a major city? Or is its future that of a ghost town?

With Bitcoin breaking investment records every day, we take a look at the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain 

How the blockchain infrastructure can make a major impact on the remittance industry

It opens up business strategies that may have been too expensive in previous years thanks to fees like money transfer charges 

The rise of fintech's next generation

According to NextBank's Rob Findlay, the marketplace is rich for banks now to choose a solution that meets their needs, and fintech startups are there to assist 

Who 'Satoshi' is doesn't matter: Hong Kong Bitcoin community

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Singapore's fin-tech startup Toast raising US$750K seed

Toast is already halfway to closing its seed round, and ultimately has bigger plans to hit a US$60 million valuation at Series A to take on global remittance market 

'Six-figure' funding round slams industry naysayers: Bitspark's CEO

Bitspark's funding will be used to support the continued growth of the business as well as new exchange, remittance and payment solutions 

Bitspark and Artabit offer Indonesians cheap Bitcoin-based remittance service

The service can only be utilised for remittances from Hong Kong to Indonesia. The senders may use their local currency when sending the money to be received in the recipients’ local currency as well