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Reports of their death premature, BlackBerry is an example of how to revive a dying brand

By geektime | Dec 19, 2016

People need to stop talking about Blackberry’s phone franchise like it’s a eulogy, since the company has recovered in a massive way Read More

Will Indonesia accept Blackberry the way it used to?

By DailySocial | Oct 03, 2016

Blackberry remains to be perceived as a premium brand; it cannot rely solely on BBM and has to adjust to market demand Read More

Blackberry joins forces with Indonesia's Tiphone to set up BB Merah Putih

By Anisa Menur | Sep 29, 2016

The joint venture will hold the rights to produce Android-based Blackberry handsets in Indonesia Read More

Meet Qlapa, Indonesia’s Etsy for local handicrafts

By Anisa Menur | Nov 24, 2015

The platform allows customers to pre-order and customise their purchases Read More

IDC predicts mobile payments in APAC to reach US$1T by 2017

By DailySocial | Sep 01, 2015

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts 124 per cent hike in Asia Pacific's total volume of mobile payment due to growing smartphone adoption Read More

BBM emerges most popular messaging app in Indonesia

By DailySocial | Dec 22, 2014

WhatsApp Messenger occupied the second place followed by LINE Read More

How communities help shape companies

By DailySocial | Aug 06, 2014

How can tech firms implement a "horizontal marketing concept" in respective countries they are operating in? Read More

This is the world's dumbest app and it has raised US$1205 on Kickstarter!

By Jonathan Toyad | Apr 24, 2014

Called LookFor, this app allows users to flash a particular colour via their phones to stand out in a crowd so that their friends can easily find them Read More

International startups that made Indonesia as their home in 2013

By Christine Siagian | Jan 09, 2014

Some prominent startups players that crossed shores to tap the burgeoning internet users in Indonesia in 2013. e27  picks the best Read More

Indonesia internet is going public in 2015?

By Andi S Boediman | Dec 02, 2013

I have high hopes for the Indonesia internet scene. Which company from which category will be the first to go public: Media, E-commerce or Payment company Read More

Does Viber have the potential to be No 1 in India?

By Dhaleta Surender Kumar | Nov 19, 2013

In an aggressive marketing splurge, LINE and WeChat claim to be No 1 in India, which is a far cry from reality. The competition would be between WhatsApp and Viber Read More

Indonesian brands shying from mobile advertising: Research

By DailySocial | Nov 01, 2013

A study by Yahoo and Mindshare reveals that Indonesian brands are reluctant to adopt mobile and digital advertising despite growth in internet penetration Read More

Viber unveils new BlackBerry update amidst buzz over BBM

By Elaine Huang | Oct 25, 2013

Mobile chat app Viber rolls out new BlackBerry update. CEO Talmon Marco claims that the smartphone platform makes up its third largest mobile user base Read More

BBM rolls out officially on Android and iPhone

By J. Angelo Racoma | Oct 22, 2013

After a failed launch earlier this year, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has finally started rolling out for Android and iPhone Read More

Scaling and traction: How platforms can make or break your startup

By J. Angelo Racoma | Oct 21, 2013

Platforms easily scale. Products and services don't. Here are a few thoughts on how your startup can scale (or fail) with the help of platforms. Read More

Which mobile platform should Indonesian developers build apps for?

By DailySocial | Oct 14, 2013

Which platform should Indonesian developers focus on? Here are some factors to take into consideration. Read More

All-touch smartphone BlackBerry Z30 available in Singapore this Oct 10

By Elaine Huang | Oct 04, 2013

BlackBerry's new all-touch Z30 will be available in Singapore this October 10. It has been said to sport the biggest screen seen for a BlackBerry smartphone. Read More

'Focus is unchanged', BlackBerry assures developers

By Joash Wee | Sep 26, 2013

At BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, Alec Saunders, VP - Developer Relations, assured continuity, highlighted key performing apps & partners; showcased BBM on Windows. Read More

BBM coming to iOS and Android this weekend, finally

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 19, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS now has an ETA. Will you download BBM, and do you think it will signal a big comeback for the platform? Read More

Join e27 at BlackBerry Jam Asia in Hong Kong

By e27.co/daryl.chung | Sep 13, 2013

Find out the latest from BlackBerry at the BlackBerry Jam Asia in Hong Kong from 26 to 27 September 2013. Read More

How Pintails shocked AngelHack by presenting on BlackBerry 10

By DailySocial | Sep 09, 2013

BlackBerry 10? AngelHack in San Francisco was left reeling from shock after Pintails presented on the platform. Read More

BBM Inc. probably should have been done a year or two ago

By DailySocial | Aug 29, 2013

How's BlackBerry Messenger doing today? Could it have been done better? Read More

BlackBerry – A partnership, patent deal or a takeover?

By Guest Contributor | Aug 16, 2013

Following BlackBerry's announcement on exploring "strategic alternatives", what are the possible outcomes? Read More

BBM for Android and iOS fast approaching, but is anyone excited?

By J. Angelo Racoma | Aug 02, 2013

BBM for iOS and Android is coming soon, with BlackBerry sending out invites to the private beta. Will cross-platform BBM help keep the company relevant? Read More

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