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OCBC Bank set to disrupt wealth management and customer service with these 3 startups

The Singaporean bank confirms it will launch full pilot projects with Fincast, BondIT and CogniCor on the back of its first accelerator programme with Nest 

8 for fortune: OCBC fintech accelerator reveals its participants

The startups cover — among others — blockchain asset transfers, robo investment advisory and mobile wallets 

[Podcast] 500 Startups' James Riney wants a hustler with authenticity

The Tokyo-based VC shares his story, talks about traits he looks for in an entrepreneur, discusses Japan' startup ecosystem and more... 

Philippines' teams up with 7-Eleven to offer instant deposits

The partnership will allow users to credit funds into their digital wallets via 7-Eleven's 1,600 outlets in the Philippines 

Philippine's launches human ATM network Teller

It works by matching customers who want to access financial services with nearby tellers who can facilitate cash deposits through the app 

Singapore's fin-tech startup Toast raising US$750K seed

Toast is already halfway to closing its seed round, and ultimately has bigger plans to hit a US$60 million valuation at Series A to take on global remittance market rolls out remittance withdrawal at 450 Philippine ATMs

The Bitcoin exchange and wallet service has partnered with ATMs in the Philippines to turn them into Bitcoin cash terminals 

Bitcoin is the perfect disruptive technology for Asia:'s Ron Hose

In this interaction with Co-founder and CEO Ron Hose, find out how is using Bitcoin as the perfect disruptive technology in Southeast Asia 

Geeks on a Beach: Why the Philippines should be on your mind

The country’s a must-visit for any startuper with regional ambitions, says Martin Pasquier, Lead Explorer, Innovation is Everywhere 

Now you can use Bitcoins to shop at MetroDeal and CashCashPinoy!

Bitcoin exchange partners e-commerce sites MetroDeal and CashCashPinoy to launch Bitcoin payment service