Meet 27 of the investors participating in TOP100 2018

We are bringing together the best of Southeast Asia's ecosystem at events all across Asia...and beyond 

Helping tour agencies go online, this Thai startup is raking in big bucks along the way

Tourkrub aims to bring all the tour agencies in the Mekong region under its wing 

Captain's Log, August 28: PopScoot, an e-scooter sharing company, launches in Singapore

PopScoot is not only pitching the recreation aspect of e-scooter sharing, but also the value it can create for last-mile logistics 

Meet the top 12 startups participating at dtac Accelerate demo day

According to dtac Accelerate, what sets the fifth batch apart from the previous one is the availability of two new different tracks 

dtac Accelerate launches Batch 5, introduces 'tracks' to better serve specific startups

It also introduced Global Expansion Track, which it wants to use to help Thai companies achieve global growth 

Startups and Asia: Land of opportunity or innovation doldrums?

Johanna Staaf, Director for New Ventures, Telenor Group, shares her thoughts and learnings on the Asian startup landscape, discussing five macro trends gleaned from working with various startups 

Thai startup ecosystem is 3 years behind Indonesia: Krafting Ponpool

"I don't know when we will produce the first Unicorn startup, but I am quite certain we will see half unicorns to come out within five years" 

The startups that blew up your FB timeline at dtac accelerate Demo Day

An interesting fact from dtac accelerate was the increasing participation from Myanmar-based startups or big companies with stake in the country 

Mobile is revolutionising the way people think in Asia

Using Myanmar and India as examples, Telenor's Karianne Melleby shares insights on why mobile communication is the new digital frontier to conquer emerging markets in Asia 

Thai auto insurance startup Claim Di pulls in US$2M Series A funding

Malaysia, South Korea and Japan among its primary expansion targets; aims tenfold revenue growth to US$5.6 million in a year