Meet MAEMI, a South Korean social app for neighborhood fact-based story sharing

MAEMI stories social network services to share neighborhood news like events, festivals and travel opportunities 

Singapore’s 'AirBnb for business travellers' expands to Hong Kong

The 500 Startups-backed MetroResidences raised US$1 million in seed funding earlier this year 

Consolidation is the new normal for Japanese mobile gaming

Japan is a global leader in gaming, but Serkan Toto says indicators point to a precarious future for small to medium-sized game developers 

Action! 2016 will be the year China embraces e-sports

This year, revenue from PC, mobile and console games is predicted to reach more than US$26 billion 

Google Play's David Yin on developing a successful app

Google Play's BD Manager for SEA and Australia says that replying to user reviews increase the chances of getting good ratings for the app 

Vietnam is the best market bet for games studios: Niko Partners

Are social casino games legal in China? What are the hot trends for 2016? Managing Partner Lisa Hanson answers these questions and more 

Google Play Connect wants to connect local and international mobile game developers

COO of Indonesian mobile game developer Touchten welcomes event encouraging collaboration between global game companies and local game and app developers 

4 ways to increase the visibility of your app in a saturated market

With a rapidly growing number of mobile apps streaming into the market, how do you ensure your app gets traction and not fade into oblivion? 

LINE amps up offerings in Japan with music streaming service

Can LINE raise the bar for Japan's music streaming, when streaming subscriptions accounted for only 3 per cent of the US$2.48 billion industry? 

LINE launches Maps for Indoor; navigates 37 Toyko locations

Available in five languages, Maps for Indoors to help users navigate 'shopping malls, department stores, and other indoor facilities'