Why people should not have doubts over SpaceX after today’s Falcon 9 explosion

SpaceX Falcon 9 explodes during fueling, leaving Israeli Spacecom’s future in doubt, internet to sub-Saharan Africa delayed, and questions about Falcon 9’s reliability 

The Andreessen tweet debacle lifted the Wizard’s curtain

Marc Andreessen's reaction to the Free Basics ban was more than a flub, it showed us the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is indeed a fraud 

In photos: Next Billion engaging the world's hard to reach communities

With a new service and infrastructure, Next Billion helps companies advertise in the developing world and bring social good to the people 

Facebook is trying to con Indians with Free Basics

Entrepreneur and VC investor Mahesh Murthy lays it down as it is -- Free Basics is basically 'digital apartheid' for India's poor and we must all beware of it 

[Podcast] India and the backlash against Internet.org

Bernard Leong sits down with Wall Street Journal reporter Newley Purnell to talk Internet.org, Android One and India 

The peaks and valleys of Internet.org

Internet.org is in an existential crisis. Does the impact of free Internet outweigh legitimate concerns around the initiative? 

People say I built Facebook...that's not true: Mark Zuckerberg

The Founder and CEO talks about his interest in India, how technology can give people super powers and much more in his recent town hall 

Telcos-VoIP apps partnership is answer to net neutrality woes

Amid all the furore over Facebook's internet.org and Airtel Zero, this can be a workable solution to net neutrality in India