Our best investment is human capital: InVent's Tawan Boonyawat

In this Meet the VC article, InVent's VC Manager explains why it recently led a Series A round into the golf reservations app Golfdigg 

Thai game studio Sinoze raises US$750K from Intouch Holdings

Sinoze is a Thai mobile game developer specialising in casual mobile games 

Thailand-based gaming firm Infinity Levels Studio raises US$500K from InVent

The funds will be used to improve animal racing game Ranch Run, which will be launched worldwide next year 

Software development company Computerlogy close US$1M Series A funding

Thailand's software development company, Computerlogy, just announced its US$932,000 Series A round from InVent, a venture capital arm of Intouch Group. 

Thailand ebook store Ookbee raises US$2M at US$8M valuation

Ookbee, Thailand's ebook store leader, has just raised US$2 million in funding from Shin Corporation (INTOUCH) for a 25 percent stake, valuing the company at a US$8 million.