Today's top tech news, June 11: Grab crosses US$1B annual revenue and Bitcoin crashes after crypto hack

Also, Xiaomi IPO prospectus reveals US$1 billion loss in Q1 and Indonesia sees its third startup IPO 

Today's top tech news: January 8

Apple's shareholders want the company to tackle issue of children getting addicted to smartphones, and more 

Apple apologises for crippling old iPhones; reduces cost of replacing batteries

The price of a new battery replacement will undergo a US$50 reduction 

Apple faces lawsuits and lukewarm sales forecasts as year comes to a close

Apple has overestimated the appeal of its new flagship phone, iPhone X 

The iPhone in China isn't the status symbol it used to be

While it may be losing its 'status symbol', the iPhone still has a lot going for it in China 

Captain's Log, Sept 25: ONE Championship CEO speaks out about death of Pradip Subramanian

Also today, Lazada expands Taobao services and Bukalapak launches e-procurement service 

Developers, here's how to make users NOT want to delete your app

This slideshare succinctly details how to make your features stand out so that users would want to come back to your app 

Tim Cook is bullish and optimistic about India, says Apple is focussing all its energies on the market

Cook says Apple is committed to increasing investments in India and that the iPhone maker will expand manufacturing and distribution here 

The hoo-ha over the Apple Store launch in Singapore, in tweets

What's the big deal about Apple Store's first store in Southeast Asia? Well, check out these tweets! 

Facebook is shameless and Elon Musk wants your brain, your essential weekend reading courtesy of e27

The weekend is upon us, which means its time to slow down, take a breath, and educate yourself on the tech industry. Let us be your guide