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$45 million research facility in Beijing will develop deep tech

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 01, 2016

A new US$45 million research facility in Beijing will develop deep tech in audio, visual and communications Read More

New US$299 Xiaomi 5s boasts dirt-resistant ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

By Yon Heong Tung | Sep 27, 2016

The new Xiaomi 5s and 5s Plus will go on sale in China on September 29 Read More

Beijing rules to ban iPhones in patent spat

By TechNode | Jun 20, 2016

Intellectual property laws are not doing Apple any favors in a market that has become critical for the tech giant Read More

Local rivals bite into iPhone’s market share in China

By TechNode | Jun 07, 2016

Apple's 2016 dip has been well reported across tech and mainstream media. But who is picking up the slack? Read More

Visa and MasterCard users rejoice: Apple Pay partners with 5 major banks in Singapore

By Yon Heong Tung | May 25, 2016

The five banks are DBS, OCBC, POSB, Standard Chartered and UOB Read More

These gadgets will blow your mind in 2016

By Guest Contributor | Jan 26, 2016

A phone that bends to fit in your pocket and a 3D scanner you can hold, there are many such exciting technologies in store for us in 2016, says the author Read More

Over a third of total online transactions processed via mobile: Report

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 26, 2016

Global online payment processing company Adyen sees that number still growing as more people get 4G phones Read More

UsBidi wants to solve your smartphone charging woes

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 31, 2015

It comes up with a resilient braided exterior and automatically stops charging when the phone's battery is full Read More

Apple Pay plans to enter China market come February: WSJ

By Kevin McSpadden | Nov 24, 2015

While China is Apple's most important market outside of the US, the mobile payment service faces fierce competition from Alibaba and Tencent Read More

40 brands that rock at word-of-mouth marketing

By Jon Tan | Oct 06, 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing is the buzzword on every company's mind. Learn how to leverage it for your company with this comprehensive guide Read More

With this personal stylist app, you can dress like a fashion diva

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Nov 07, 2014

Japan-based Colorful Board launches personal fashion stylist app Sensy to help 'match people and items' Read More

This man's app plans to open up the 'hidden secrets' of Singapore

By Jonathan Toyad | Jul 10, 2014

We talk to Sugar Co-founder Benjamin Lee about the app's backstory and how it ties together with a naked model adorned with sushi Read More

Few hours left to support this iPhone crystal dock project

By Jonathan Toyad | Jun 30, 2014

The Singapore-created Chiffon and Lumo currently has US$9,475 on its Kickstarter page; is inspired by a popular Asian cake Read More

Apple unveils iOS 8 and a tonne of goodies at this year's WWDC

By Jonathan Toyad | Jun 03, 2014

The new OS for every single iPhone, iPad and iPod out there will be out this fall. What else did WWDC reveal? Read More

This grip lets you take selfies without fear of phone-dropping

By Jonathan Toyad | Jun 02, 2014

Through the power of enhanced vacuum technology, the tiny i-Ox makes single-handed smartphone activities easier, and also acts as a stand Read More

3 top mobile gaming trends by Outblaze's Yat Siu

By Jonathan Toyad | May 02, 2014

The 20-year game industry veteran talks to e27 about the evolving freemium model and mobile gaming landscape in Asia Read More

Mad Catz's new iOS 7 controller out in April

By Jonathan Toyad | Feb 25, 2014

Want a proper controller to go along with your mobile distractions? The upcoming C.T.R.L.i will cost iOS-savvy gamers and hobbyists US$80 Read More

Translate anytime, anywhere, with Conyac's new app

By Terence Ng | Nov 18, 2013

The new app for iOS from Conyac - in English and Japanese - allows users to work on translations and earn money during boring commutes or waiting for a friend Read More

BBM rolls out officially on Android and iPhone

By J. Angelo Racoma | Oct 22, 2013

After a failed launch earlier this year, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has finally started rolling out for Android and iPhone Read More

Scaling and traction: How platforms can make or break your startup

By J. Angelo Racoma | Oct 21, 2013

Platforms easily scale. Products and services don't. Here are a few thoughts on how your startup can scale (or fail) with the help of platforms. Read More

Can a glocal Imo get local advertisers online?

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 27, 2013

Imo recently upgraded its cross-network chat app, which automatically switches to the user's language of choice. Can it attract local advertisers? Read More

BBM coming to iOS and Android this weekend, finally

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 19, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS now has an ETA. Will you download BBM, and do you think it will signal a big comeback for the platform? Read More

Apple wants to add color to your life, but will you bite?

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 16, 2013

Apple has launched its iOS 7, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Will the new colorful, "unapologetically plastic" phone and 64-bit powered device impress? Read More

Apptivate now lets you pay for iTunes movies with your cellular bill

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 12, 2013

Apptivate lets Globe Telecom users from the Philippines buy apps and movies from iTunes using their prepaid credit or monthly postpaid bill. Read More

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