Tim Cook is bullish and optimistic about India, says Apple is focussing all its energies on the market

Cook says Apple is committed to increasing investments in India and that the iPhone maker will expand manufacturing and distribution here 

Practical applications and ability to move within real environments make Mixed Reality the winner over pure AR or VR

MR will be used in different fields like education, healthcare, automation, aeronautics, and architecture 

China on its 3rd Phase - Stewards of culture, or sleight of hand?

Respect is not earned through deals, guns, or hate-speak. It is culture, and contribution to culture, that separates civilisations from mere zeitgeist 

How AR enables me to plant a tree in a rain forest in Indonesia without leaving Singapore

Take a look at how the Into the Wild initiative leverages AR to take corporate social responsibility to the next level 

China still rules, but will India emulate as a top tech frontier?

Only a handful of Indian internet companies have achieved global success, but the country has metrics that point to it as China's main challenger 

Le Supercar scoops US$1.08B funding to fuel its fight against Tesla

The investors include big names such as Lenovo, Yingda Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group, China Minsheng Trust, Macrolink Group and Hongzhao Capital 

The top Chinese smartphone brand, Huawei, just launched a mobile payment service

Huawei Pay is only available in China, but with a growing market in Western Europe, it will be interesting to see how fast it looks abroad 

Video: Dropped phone in the toilet? Check out these potential replacements

Sick of the iPhone and Samsung S series? Here are some options to replace that old or damaged phone 

Chinese smartphone makers race to go offline In India

Ninety per cent of retail in India is still offline, while approximately 75 per cent of mobile device sales are still conducted in brick-and-mortar stores 

People who create content will always need the PC: Lenovo SG Head

Jessie Quek, Lenovo's Singapore Country Manager, talks about the state of the PC market and how Lenovo is adapting to challenges of a new era, among other things