Malaysia to introduce 'cloud first' strategy, to develop a national AI framework

Prime Minister Najib Razak says the cloud-first strategy will begin with the public sector, and he feels the adoption of cloud is fundamental to an organisation's digital transformation 

Malaysia's SalesCandy raises US$355K through crowdfunding platform pitchIN

With this, the total investment raised by various companies via pitchIN has reached US$2.8 million 

Where are they now? A few months after Echelon, we check in with a couple TOP100 companies and see what’s up

One TOP100 startup inked a deal with a global insurance company while the other is helping Malaysians improve their driving 

Bfab pivots with a launch of SaaS product for salons; forays into Singapore

The company is also expanding into Singapore, citing openness to technology and increased demand 

Startup people vs. normal people in video, part 2

Working at a startup will not just change the way you work, think and play. It will even change the things you say, whether you realize it or not 

MaGIC denies wrongdoing amid Uber bribery probe

As Uber internally investigates its Asia business dealings, a corporate donation to MaGIC has come under scrutiny 

TheLorry Co-Founder & CEO Nadhir Ashafiq reveals how he went from startup failure to tech star in Malaysia

From market validation to investor trust to idea execution, here's a success story we can learn from 

[Podcast] Let's not talk about work, a conversation with Dropee CEO Lennise Ng

How a 'personal pivot' led Lennise Ng to start Dropee, a growing B2B procurement startup in Malaysia 

Reflections on my 5 year journey starting

As an entrepreneur, you will have to make the best of the cards you are dealt with 

Having formal training in tech is not a prerequisite for e-commerce success in Malaysia, study finds

Must I be qualified in tech if I were to initiate an e-commerce company?