Echelon Malaysia: 8Common’s Nic Lim shares blueprint for going global

The CEO of 8Common doles out an invaluable advice for startups at Echelon Malaysia 2014 -- don't always listen to VCs; do what suits you 

Echelon Malaysia: Three IPOs you need to know about

For many startups, IPO is the holy grail of exit strategies. Find out how three tech firms managed that feat at Echelon Malaysia 

8common raises US$3.3M in IPO; to be listed on ASX tomorrow

Upon listing, 8common will have a market capitalisation of A$13.5 million based on a A$0.25 issue price 

8common seeks IPO on ASX; hopes to raise US$3.3M

14 million new shares at an offer price of A$0.25 are open till August 8. 8common is expecting the shares to be quoted on ASX on August 20 

GridMarkets is most promising startup at Malaysia Satellite

GridMarkets, a  startup that specializes in selling excess CPU capacity, emerged as most promising startup at the Echelon 2013 Malaysia Satellite. 

Echelon 2013: Japan Satellite Details

The Japan Satellite will be held at Gate City Ohsaki on 25 April 2013. Read on for more details and how you can participate and join the rest of the community.