Thailand startup scene: What you need to know

Thinking of investing in Thailand? Check out these key facts and trends we have gathered for you 

Top coworking spaces in Chiang Mai for tech entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever wanted to take time off from work to build a startup, or simply take sabbatical from corporate life for a short while, now’s your chance to do it...while being more productive than you’ve ever been 

Immigration officers raid co-working space Punspace

Chiang Mai-based co-working space was raided today by some 20 immigration officers. Turned out to be a misunderstanding 

Co-working space Coffee Monster tightens grip with Net.Work

After launching a café feel co-working space Coffee Monster, Founder Leon Jay plans to open Net.Work, a more optimised, quiet, dedicated co-working space 

Hubba and Pun Space to co-develop Thai startup scene with visa program

Two co-working spaces in Thailand, Hubba and Pun Space, have come together to provide a co-working visa initiative. 

Why Creative MOV is my favourite co-working space

Lately, e27 has been covering many new co-working spaces around Asia such as The Co in Singapore, and Pun Space in Chiangmai, Thailand. However, none other can beat Creative MOV in Tokyo, in my opinion. 

Pun Space: a new co-working space opens in Chiang Mai today

Pun Space. No, it is not a place for you to share witty play on words. It is a new co-working space in Chiang Mai opened by a team of two, Vichaya and Euam Sirisanthana.