BlackBerry Q10 slated for release in Singapore this end-May

The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to sport a classic QWERTY keyboard is a case of old meets new. 

Echelon 2013 Updates: Singapore Satellite Announced

The second Satellite in the series of nine is the Singapore Satellite! We've confirmed the date as 3rd April 2013 and will be held at Plug-In@Blk71. Read on for more details and how you can attend! 

Updated: SingTel voted Singapore's best mobile operator - the best of the worst?

Prepare your raised eyebrows, because SingTel was voted "Best Mobile Operator" by readers of To be honest, it could be the best ... the best of the worst. 

Updated: Lenovo to consider acquiring or licensing BlackBerry from RIM

Lenovo says it might consider licensing or acquiring BlackBerry from RIM, among other options for boosting its mobile business. 

BlackBerry JamHack to launch as simultaneous Asia Pacific hackathon

Research In Motion (RIM) has announced its first simultaneous Asia Pacific (APAC) wide Hackathon, the BlackBerry JamHack. 

Insights from RIM in the Philippines

Research-in-Motion believes that the BlackBerry platform will remain strong in the developing world, with reasonable data and messaging plans and local partnerships. 

BlackBerry is going jamming in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia this week

BlackBerry is organizing a series of developer group jam sessions this week in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia co-organized with local BlackBerry groups. Read on for the event details and writeup by the BlackBerry team. 

Is the Philippines the next Blackberry Nation?

BlackBerry is on the decline in its former flagship American and European markets. But the embattled smartphone platform has seen a new niche in emerging markets, where cheap, unlimited messaging can be perfect for families, friends and entrepreneurs. 

RIM follows through with $10K Developer Commitment program

Research In Motion extends its commitment to developers creating apps for the Blackberry® 10 through Built for BlackBerry and their $10K Developer Commitment. 

BlackBerry Expert Center turns 57, continues improving after sales experiences

Sitcomindo was the eighth company that Canadian company had the partnership with in establishing its BlackBerry Expert Center across Indonesia. The previous alliance with three distributors and four operators – TAM, Selular Shop, Comtech, Telkomsel, AXIS, XL and Indosat - in the nation had yielded 56 Centers and strengthened RIM’s post sales services.